Meet The Help


Roy T. Allen is one of the key factors of Toybox Yorkies & Boutique. He is always behind the scenes and without him there probably wouldn’t be the Toybox Yorkies & Boutique you see today. He is a wonderful man that came into my life in 1981 as an acquaintance and later in 2000 and 2001 a very near and dear friend in which developed our lifetime commitment to each other.

He takes care of our Shipping and Receiving Dept. as well as the pooper scooper around here. Without Roy I would not be able to travel to dog shows and show off our dogs and attain Championships, Obedience Titles or anything else that takes us away from here. He holds down the fort while I am away and is a key factor to our success.

He is the official Puppy Pal once they are out and about and watches over them day and night until a suitable home is found. He has been known to get upset with me for selling a puppy but as all breeders know you cannot keep every one of them, although I think this man would if I let him.

I pay tribute to my Husband here on this page and thank him so very much for who he is. He is a wonderful and kind hearted soul that most people never get the chance to experience. He has a very quiet and gruff exterior that takes time to penetrate but the puppies know just how to wiggle into his heart and soul.